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In Nuoro and its territory, culture and nature intersect and give life to one-of-a-kind places. In the heart of Sardinia, men left the mark of their transit there through the many archaeological treasures that still preserve the charm of extraordinary ancient cultures.

Mounts and woods surrounding the city are rich of naturalistic wonders, such as the Ortobene Mount, a stone’s throw away from the city, which is the real cradle of the capital city of Barbagia.

Even recently, Nuoro and its province have been able to surprise thanks to the huge cultural success typical of this corner of the earth. Many artistic manifestations have accompanied the barbaricini throughout the centuries: the a tenore singing (which was inscribed in UNESCO’s World Heritage’s List) and the guitar songs, the poetry, the several religious celebrations, but also the artworks of several painters, sculptors, artists and, last but not the least, the great writers that led the city to its international fame in the 900s (as is demonstrated by the Nobel Prize for literature won by Grazia Deledda in 1926).

Today, it is still possible to embrace this atmosphere in the main city museums or among the masterpieces that can be admired in the city’s streets and squares.

The location where Residenza Dante arises is one of the finest areas from an architectonical point of view, where the several buildings realized under the Rationalism lend the entire area aesthetic harmony and visual order.

A few tens of meters away is the Corso Garibaldi – the ancient urban artery which is the meeting point of the two historical city centres – that is still today the focal point of professional life, leisure and memories of the town.

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